Getting back on focus

I decided to come back to my site and write, because it does no good just ebing a dead space of stuff, right? I’m going to turn it into a personal blog for about the next month and then re-launch it with an altered theme. This time all of my stuff that I dealt with during the holidays and getting settled are done, and I set my work space up so I am ready to go.

Not too sure what to do to be honest. I’ve played a bit of games here and there, and it seems like more than anything I just enjoy the daily grind while listening to music. For some reason I feel a sense of joy playing a new game that catches my attention but then get a small amount of guilt or discomfort because I have to take a break and then come back to it and I tend not to want to come back after a nice pause. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don’t feel like I can commit to a game too much for singularly enjoyment, but when I think about it that way it opens my eyes to the fact that I am just not enjoying games as much as I used to.

Perhaps it is because I gauge my productivity now. I don’t want to play something and feel like it is a waste.

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My experience with Path of Exile

After Hero Siege started to change and a lot of my guild members stopped playing we all somewhat just started playing different games but stuck around the group. For a small amount of time a few of us went to Dungeon Defenders 2 and it was pretty nice but also a temporary phase. I liked the game but it didn’t catch me too much. Since the environment was ever changing on the game and there was a pretty decent update I felt intimated by the changes, not knowing what it might hold.

So a few of the other guild members went on to play Path of Exile, saying it was like a free-to-play Diablo. And since it was free to play and an ARPG I decided to give it a shot.

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What to do with the website?

So for a while I have been playing Environmental Station Alpha and it has been going pretty well. I stopped at the maze because I originally started to work on a full guide but it seems like someone beat me right before it.

In regards to the site I left it rather neglected because I thought I would focus on my project but it just started occurring to me earlier that if I continue to work on things I’ll always be doing things on other platforms and not on the one I would like to. I want to write on a website.

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Holiday madness ending

Happy belated New Years people! Hopefully your holidays were eventful and filled with merriment. I know mine was, and after looking at the crazy and eventful last year I am absolutely looking forward to how this year is going to be.

It seems like a lot of people seem to make new years resolutions, which I can understand but personally I am against. How many people say that they will be going to the gym twice a week to shed those few extra pounds or learn a new language and find themselves in February or March, still in the same place that they started?

I think you should make a resolution in your life as soon as it becomes relevant. If it becomes something you want to change right now, you should change it right now.

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Going back to record a new series

I spent a god-sent amount of time on this one civ game that I put a difficulty higher that before, and it actually was quite trickier than I thought originally. It’s just come down to a single enemy which is resilient with their massive army, but I am working my way through it.

And after playing for a while I thought spending this much time on a single game without recording it or doing anything with it felt like a waste. I learned a considerable amount for maybe my 8th or so play through the game, but I could use that time to teach and entertain.

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A change in pace

Having a blog has actually gave me a ton of ambition to do something with myself, never have I woke up every day with the drive to want to do something.

Ironically I haven’t actually done much with the blog. I have been spending a metric ton of time researching other blogs, reading on solid ways to form one and thinking about content to put out there. The importance of blogging about both something you love and something that you will have plenty to write about is a rather tricky thing. It actually took me a while to come up with an idea of an indie game blog with a focus on mundane games and helping people. Not just helping people with games though, but helping them with life.

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Halloween patch for Hero Siege

So with Halloween coming up Hero Siege had an update with a Halloween-themed quest and goodies. The act 2 and act 4 bosses had a bit of an update to them, and with some hats and emblems for the event reward it is a nice time to go through the base game again and take a break from Wormholes.

Hero Siege Halloween
A little spooky title screen for the holidays

Wormholes were revamped rather big this time, hauling some difficulty changes worth noting. They were compressed by 90%, and a killer 60% stat drop on item levels occurred. They cleared the leaderboard and started anew, which upset me personally to see the progress of so many lost but that is something we will overcome.

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Finding motivation

This weekend I was helping my father do some roofing throughout the day. It was a pretty busy day, with everyone around the house being productive to some extent. All I was really doing was moving a bunch of tools out of the way into an unfinished guest space we have outside but that was a certainly needed task.

At about seven in the afternoon I was pretty sleepy and even though I could’ve stayed up and made the day productive I thought it would be better to get the rest. And oddly enough I woke up at midnight, expecting to have slept through the whole night and wake up early in the morning but that didn’t workout for me. So I decided to stay up after I woke up and do Continue reading Finding motivation