Going back to record a new series

I spent a god-sent amount of time on this one civ game that I put a difficulty higher that before, and it actually was quite trickier than I thought originally. It’s just come down to a single enemy which is resilient with their massive army, but I am working my way through it.

And after playing for a while I thought spending this much time on a single game without recording it or doing anything with it felt like a waste. I learned a considerable amount for maybe my 8th or so play through the game, but I could use that time to teach and entertain.

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Halloween patch for Hero Siege

So with Halloween coming up Hero Siege had an update with a Halloween-themed quest and goodies. The act 2 and act 4 bosses had a bit of an update to them, and with some hats and emblems for the event reward it is a nice time to go through the base game again and take a break from Wormholes.

Hero Siege Halloween
A little spooky title screen for the holidays

Wormholes were revamped rather big this time, hauling some difficulty changes worth noting. They were compressed by 90%, and a killer 60% stat drop on item levels occurred. They cleared the leaderboard and started anew, which upset me personally to see the progress of so many lost but that is something we will overcome.

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The climb on Hero Siege

I’ve been really immersed in playing Hero Siege, continue to log onto it everyday like a mild addiction. I’ve been climbing the ladder with hopes and recently I reached the top 50 in solo wormholes, just bashing enemies and buttons. The competitive aspect is pretty group oriented with group wormholes but it certainly has a strong solo component to it.

Hero Siege 01

But my brother said something that I thought was fairly true. All the climbing was isĀ grinding, and he sees no satisfaction in that. And perhaps it isn’t a game that takes an extraordinary amount of skill, but it still is a fun game with a competitive component to it I think that it is pretty nice how I was able to meet a number of players and really have a sense of community while playing.

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Hero siege

I’ve been playing Hero siege for perhaps a bit more than a week and it really has turned into something that is more than just a nice game or hobby. I really have tried to get my wormhole level and hero level to a notable amount but with all the changes that have been going on these last few days it has been an experience that has been shifting to a pretty tricky one.

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A rant on Sid Meier’s Civilization

I took a little bit of a break from writing this last week or s During that time my steam library has been in use by someone playing “We happy few” and I didn’t really want to interrupt their fun and happiness. So instead of going on steam and writing a guide that I have been working on I took the time to go back to the old fashion PC gaming and play so Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Civilization (U) [!]001


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