The delayed update

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog here. It seems like every time that I go an write here I feel like little to nothing happened but I always have something on my mind and always want to share things through my eyes.

So I put some thought into it and I might be posting something different pretty soon. I want to take my experience on Don’t Starve and see if I could analyze how to find ideal areas to create bases and a decent break down on how to explore maps on the default settings. I really want to be thorough with this article so that people of all skill levels can take something useful along with them on the island.

I also came back to playing Path of Exile. I actually finished act 2 on Normal, which was pretty nice. The Vaal Oversoul wasn’t too difficult, with it just being tricky to position and damage at a nice pace but it was pretty nice. I went through Act 3 and in a Vaal-corrupted map I ended up dying for my first time to a Sunburst Queen. It was like a walking fire totem that birthed a dozen or so exploding bugs, which was pretty menacing. The closed quarters made it a tricky enemy to aim for, but I was able to use rain of arrows to kill it.

I started to look into a few items and builds and there is somethign that came to mind that I wanted to try out: a Voltaxic Spark build. It utilizes a bow called the Voltaxic Rift, primarily using Spark and its Vaal counterpart for skills. it was a really popular build back then, and despite the nerf it received it seems like a lot of people feel it is still a viable build with good clear.

I haven’t done a whole lot of research on the build but it seems like you can choose a few classes. Witch and Shadow are probably the more popular exiles to use, but it is also possible to do well with a Ranger or a Scion. I haven’t looked too into it but I am planning on looking at my options and making a solid post about singularly those

With what I the limited knowledge I have I am going to try it out the the Shadow first and observe its effectiveness. Because of the high bonuses for chaos damage around the Shadow’s skill tree and the ability to balance the bow and spell I feel that Shadow may be the better candidate to start.

So I know this is going to be rather delayed but I want to post it anyway and start working immediately on what I have been doing after the date it was supposed to be released on so see you guys around ^^

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