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Hey guys, I am back from a week of not posting and taking it easy here once again. I actually have been looking at what I might want to do with the site as a site and not a blog, and with that and life happening at once I didn’t get the chance to write something really solid.

Planning never stops and work always seems to be plentiful. Recently I went through a bit of a change in life, with me gaining new opportunities at work. Since work rules limit what I can say, I can say that given the authority and responsibility of the supervisor when he isn’t around. I guess it is a pretty good thing, considering I do go the extra mile to make sure things are going smoothly but it is a pretty tough thing since management has a lot of expectations from me and the team.

With that aside, I actually have just been feeling better overall at home. I am feeling more comfortable with the members of the household, the troublesome people here don’t bother me the way they used to. I feel like I have better control of my situation, and that has reduced my stress by a ton. My mood about the house is just better.

As for my site, I decided to really separate everything and make my blog a different part. I am going to be moving my blogs to its own respective part and then focus again on different aspects of gaming. I’ll be posting links to my guides and reviews, and I’ll additionally be making content that will be exclusively written on my site, such as my take on patches and updates, opinions on upcoming games and a little bit of research with citation of my sources so you guys can learn about your favorite games.

I also have noticed I have a bit of a knack for music and I thought it would be a nice thing to try and include. I haven’t exactly thought the details of it but it will be similar with how I will format the games: Some reviews and lyrics, my interpretation of the song and citing what some of the artist say about their music.

It is a really ambitious move to make, and I have been meaning to move forward for a long time (maybe a bout a year or so) but I after seeing time pass by I realize that unless I put the difficult hours in, pour my soul and every ounce of effort in the most I will get is a mediocre site. I got used to a schedule for writing, and I even planned a ton of games to try and videos to shoot but I have to make the time somewhere to do it and make a few compromises in my lifestyle to move forward.

So this will be the last blog on this section of my site. I will be continuing to blog as I was scheduled before and I’ll use the format I have now on that side of the site. I will be putting the site on a temporarily re-working page so that I can find a nice theme and take the time to learn how to edit the sidebars, widget and the like, so hopefully things get changing. The way I look at it, if I can’t tell a person “Hey, take a look at my site. I think you might be interested” then it isn’t ready to be out.

So until next time, take care of yourselves. Thank you for reading, even thought right now it is probably like 4 people, and I hope to see you next week.

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