3rd of June

  1. Hey guys, I’m going to be posting again while I have a bit of spare time today.

As much as I would like to do a lot of different stuff with the site I thought I might want to take the time to work on what with what I am working on right now which is the blog. I really have a knack for writing but I have to change the way I think about things, because writing a journal is much different than writing a blog.

When I do come with something I did, I’ll link it to the post on that day.  I don’t want to promise something and com short or spoil what is already in the works, but that is where I will leave it.

I’ve gotten back into Path of Exile, which I ended up watching a whole bunch of ZiggyD videos to get an idea on how to build an effective character and get an idea how to balance things out. Even though a lot of the videos are outdated a good portion of the information there still holds relevant. He has been pretty diligent with the changes that version 3 is coming out with, and I look forward to seeing him possibly update some of his videos to keep help out those who are looking for the effectiveness of some of the older builds.

I don’t recall if I mentioned it or not but after trying out the Torando shot skill I quickly was able to tell that I wasn’t a big fan of it. Honestly after getting an idea of how the mechanics work, especially with lesser multiple projectiles and greater multiple projectiles I am noticing that this skill takes a lot of technique to use effectively and it also isn’t exactly what

I’ve also started playing Mercenary Kings, and it is pretty decent. Considering that it came out some years ago I really am digging what it has to offer as a game. I read a lot about how it was somewhere of a mix of Monster Hunter and Metal Slug while being a game all on its own. And at first I see how it is like both, but after just a single day of playing I’m convinced that it was executed with unison in the idea.

The game has a system of missions similar to that of the monster hunter series. You go on a mission where you get objectives done, and after finishing a set amount you get points in order to do a mission that will send you to the next rank. On each said run you can kill enemies and they can drop loot which you can use to craft weapon parts, melee weapons or character upgrades.

Something which makes it a lot different from Monster Hunter is the simplicity. There is a lot less gear to focus on, and the crafting loot so far seems to be pretty forward. Your gun has a few parts that you can mix and match, and it also alters in appearance so you have an idea of what you have.

I am thinking the further you get that the more these damage types and ammo types will become relevant. Hopefully the different gun types provide a meaningful change in playstyle.

Recently I saw something that caught my eye that was about a month old or so. I noticed that Risk of Rain will be making a sequel, this time in 3D. It seems that it will be much different in how it is, considering that they will likely be changing the system entirely. Although I’ve only seen the 2 gifs available I am like the cell-shading style, and I can imagine that if the items build similarly in the second game it might a pretty hefty game for a PC to handle, but I look forward to seeing how it goes. Later on today I’ll be looking into the site and seeing how production. I’m definitely am looking forward to it.

I probably have a few more things that came up within the last few day but I can’t recall at this very moment. It will probably come up pretty soon, and I look forward to getting back on posting on Sunday.

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