05/07 update

I actually am thinking about planning pretty strict again. I made the mistakes twice to plan to strictly in regards to my personal plans but I have been keeping my personal plans and times separate and it has been going well for me. It has to do mostly with me planning flexibly and without hard deadlines. I know that hard deadlines is the way to go if you want to build up within an amount of time but right now my personal matter aren’t what is priority, I am trying to get family to prosper first and take care of my relationship.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on my Path of Exile build for an Archer, and at this point I feel like I am more of just planning than actually taking steps to accomplish it. I myself won’t know the effectiveness of said skills until I actually get to try them out on my particular character, I can only read the observation of others and go from there.

I actually wante Lesser Multiple Projectiles (LMP), Greater Multiple Projectiles (GMP), and Chain Support. I more of less know how the first two will work, and with enough pierce I would imagine it would be the better choice but I want to experiment with chain support to see how effective it would be in terms of DPS and clearing.

I’ve looked at equipment and like last week I still am for getting the Drillneck and Winds of Change but those might be the only essentials for my builds as of now. I really didn’t see any belts or helms that spoke out to me, though I did see some boots that I thought would be really nice to try out. The Brinerot whalers, Garukhan’s Fury and Abberath’s Hooves all seemed like interesting boots but not something that is paramount to the build.

This week I have been working a lot on integrating myself back into one of my pass-times and favorite things to do: Write on Role-play forums. I used to do so back then a whole and it was a really fun and creative thing to do. I got the chance to create a story with people who have such different writing styles, and everyone was able to contribute to create something much more grand and amazing.

And that is why I decided writer by reading what others write and consciously trying to improve my style. to write on a Valucre again. I know that it means I won’t be focus much on the Wiki I was working on, my site, or Path of Exile but I feel this aligns better with my hobby than most other things. By doing this I will get used to the routine of writing often, and I will become a better blogger hopefully.

Also starting today I am going to be blogging my workouts, writing and gaming daily. Personally making a post for it is going to be a bit tedious but I am going to look for a widget when that I can add to my site to make it a bit easier to do so.

I also want to get myself an electronic picture frame and and old-fashioned alarm clock.

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