04/30 Update

What’s up guys, i wanted to let you know that this post was a bit last moment since the last few day have been rather eventful for me.

Last week my brother from New York was visiting Orlando and I decided to stop by for my days off to see him. It was pretty nice to be able to visit, and I was also able to take care of a few things there while enjoying myself. Since I’ve had a tough cough for maybe the last two weeks we actually went to the market and he got me some Echinacea leaves to help and that actually has helped to an extent. I’m sure I have bronchitis but it doesn’t feel like anything too bad, so depending on how long I keep coughing for I might go to the doctor to get that checked out.

I’ve also been reading a lot on Path of Exile for Ranger builds and I slightly changed my mind about what I might do with the Ranger I have now. I initially was going to make it a Barrage Ranger but I actually would like something a bit more range-friendly. It seems like Barrage works pretty well in the distance but also has an advantage up-close because you can hit multiple arrows on the same enemy, which seems like a reward for shot. I also took the Arrow Dancing Keystone which adds more of a ranged feel by encouraging you to keep your distance from enemies.

So instead I am going to use Tornado shot in the long run.

I also thought I might want to pick up some helpful secondary skills and a few curses. Projectile Weakness and Poachers Mark will pretty helpful to pick up so I can increase my damage a bit and also sustain. I can also get Temporal chains, but I am not sure how much crit I will have by the time I start a cruel campaign. I am still considering getting Vaal Rain of Arrows just in case I have to immobilize enemies and for the damage.

Gear wise the only two pieces of gear I am looking at heavily are the Drillneck and the Winds of Change.

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