04/23 Update

( ^~^) Howdy folks, I am back with yet another update. I was planning on making an update last week on the 19th but I actually didn’t go on the PC for a good portion of the week.

Something I asked myself is why I use this image every week. It’s not like I am playing Hyper Light Drifter still, but this game reminds me that there is always a point to start and a place to get to. In a kinda casual yet deep way. I like it, and I am going to keep it that way for a nice while.

So I actually went back to one of the first games I started playing for an extended amount of time, Risk of Rain.

When I came back this time I wanted to try and get the Origin Artifact. I used a character that I started to get familiar with before I stopped playing, Chef. I actually main Acrid but I have started to try out a few characters and the chef seems to be an option that resonates with me. I was thinking of how different this run went compared to the last time I played in a few months, maybe even a year. Here is a bit of my old Acrid.

In regards to my new gameplay, I plan on record me getting the Origin Artifact again with Chef and posting it next week. But that most recent run went pretty well. Probably because there were no bosses and the variety of ranged enemies early on was limited, but I made it all the way through.

I was thinking about a self-imposed challenge known as the “Augean” Difficulty but I don’t think I have what it takes to go through with it. The most difficult thing will be getting the Infusion, which becomes a rather important part of longer runs. It requires you to get an interstellar desk plant, which honestly is one of the less useful reds.

So I actually decided to take on inline skating / Rollerblading again. Right now I have a few aches and a really bad cough but I want to do it so much that I am just will to start through the difficulties as long as I do so in a safe, healthy and responsible way. I need to practice braking on my left foot and balancing one one foot, as well as

I was considering getting myself a pair of Seba high lights. I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to skate on what I have and switch to those once I have a few of the basics down. I saw that the FR series seemed to be a pretty decent hybrid between urban skates and aggressive skates, which might seem pretty good but I feel like I really want to get separate skates for the two purposes.

The Seba iGoR seem to be a pretty decent pair as well, being known to provide more support. It is a solid and stiff boot that would allow for more control and precision. Something that I do like about it is that the skates also come with a rockered frame, which is something I also look forward to trying out sometime in the future.

I thought I would take the time to look up some software to take screenshots, and to my surprise it seemed like in a day I what I found just wasn’t what I expected. I had tried a number of programs, like Lightshot, Greenshot and the free version of Camtasia but it seems like they were a bit more complex for a simple task I wanted to do.

It ends up that after the search I decided to just go with the Windows “print screen” button and crop the picture because it an extremely time-efficient way to get a single screenshot. The main downside is that it will only hold one at time but that is something I feel I can work around for the time being.

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