04/16 Update

Hey guys, so I have been trying to figure out what to write about but unfortunately not much has really occurred online to really come out with any good content. It doesn’t feel forced that I am writing or unnatural, just odd that I really don’t have a whole lot to share right now.

I was thinking about what hobbies I should do more often. In a way I feel like a dreamer, wanting to do so many different things. I like studying and listening to music, Inline skating, loom beading and what feels like a metric ton of other stuff. Sure, all of these things are fun and creative but I really want to rotate these in a fair way where I get to experience all of them and reap some kind of reward from each. Write now I am just working on playing games and writing, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it as of now.

Being able to write this blog actually helped me get into a schedule oddly. I write a bit every day, and on the day I plan on posting I look it through and see if there is anything missing or that I want to fix. Last time I was trying to crunch to add media but I thought I might as well just take it easy if I don’t have anything that pertains to what I am doing. I want to take more screenshots while gaming, just to have some nice accompanying photos here.

Something pretty unfortunate I encountered was that some games on steam don’t take screenshots with the designated button. The two games that I really wanted to takes some screenshots were Elliot Quest and Environmental Station Alpha but I wasn’t able to. I can record, and that will have to do for now until I take the time to look for some software to do so.

Recently I have been thinking about getting back into Role-playing Forums though. I haven’t been gaming much anymore, which is a bit odd feeling when I take a look on the computer and try to remember what games I dropped off at. I somewhat get choice paralysis but it is more about games not being compelling enough to start playing. I think about how some games are addictive enough to start and I really don’t want to start on something I will get hooked on.

I want somethingĀ I can casually pick up and play, and come back two or three days later and still enjoy it just as much (like Don’t Starve).

Something I can also start a new often but also continue for a long time is just a plus to have because I can learn something with just about any length of gameplay, whether it is something for the short term or something in the long-run.

And maybe that is why I play Rouge-likes in a way. I like that even though each run is a different experience it is a cumulative one that you learn something each time for your next run and you improve.

And after thinking about it I might take a look at my Rouge-like games and start making notes there. I’ll do that, but only after I finish the two projects I have invested my time and effort in.

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