The 04/12 Update

( ^~^) Howdy guys, I want to welcome all of you, whether you are returning from reading or you are new here.

I am going to be re-playing Sid Meier’s Civilization again, all the way from the start and on a higher difficulty. If you haven’t seen my original you can start watching here. It is just relatively boring gameplay but it is the full game, spanning 60 episodes, roughly 10 minutes each. The ten-hours game could’ve gone a bit smoother and shorter, but I actually learned a considerable amount about the game while playing that particular game.

After I record I plan on doing some commentary on the game for a bit of a change. It is more than likely going to be a lengthy pain to watch it over, write notes and talk through it but I am hoping it will be a much shorter game and that I will have something to talk about through the horrifically sloth-like early game and the tediously repetitive late game.

Another game I will be playing for a while is Don’t Starve. I actually just finished my first world by assembling the portal and it was pretty nice. I filled my inventory with some of the more rare items, like some gears, a purple gem, and a deerclops eye but I also got 3 spiders nests and a fleshy bulb to start farming.

I wish I did know a few things, like that you can craft your stations and then bring them to the next world, and that if you choose the same character your stats retain the way they were. I took a nice chunk of damage from Bishops shooting me, so I am of to a risky start. I know that I am going to be able to have my stuff back up at a much quicker time and I am hoping to get more experience with magic and the underground since I really didn’t use ether on my first run.

So in a bit of gaming news that caught my eye Hero Siege came out with a new character this month. I am going to try the class out soon and write about it next post to give my ideas on the new class.

It seems like Hero Siege also announced some changes that it would be doing for the new season. They are going to be changing the game to feel like a rouge-like. One of the major ways they are doing this is by scrapping the wave system and implementing random map generation. This will allow you to explore and go through the maps at your own pace, similar to how you would in an ARPG like Diablo or Path of Exile.

They also will be adding a dynamic aspect to the difficulty when in parties. Now it will be based on the median of the team level. It’s a pretty decent way of preventing people from boosting and evens out the challenge for those that fall a bit short, which I honestly like. There are a lot of problems eliminated by this, but one of my bigger concerns has to do with how it really changes the structure of the game. I can imagine a few people getting upset over this but hopefully it isn’t anything too wacky.

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