Just another blog post.

Hey guys, so I am back pretty late from work today on what turned into Tuesday. I actually wanted to take the chance to write a bit because I feel like I haven’t really been focused on what I am doing online. I have been taking it easy
I actually might take a break from looking on Twitter. I already don’t go on YouTube much, and from time to time I might read something but not nearly as much as I used to.

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05/07 update

I actually am thinking about planning pretty strict again. I made the mistakes twice to plan to strictly in regards to my personal plans but I have been keeping my personal plans and times separate and it has been going well for me. It has to do mostly with me planning flexibly and without hard deadlines. I know that hard deadlines is the way to go if you want to build up within an amount of time but right now my personal matter aren’t what is priority, I am trying to get family to prosper first and take care of my relationship.

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