04/30 Update

What’s up guys, i wanted to let you know that this post was a bit last moment since the last few day have been rather eventful for me.

Last week my brother from New York was visiting Orlando and I decided to stop by for my days off to see him. It was pretty nice to be able to visit, and I was also able to take care of a few things there while enjoying myself. Since I’ve had a tough cough for maybe the last two weeks we actually went to the market and he got me some Echinacea leaves to help and that actually has helped to an extent. I’m sure I have bronchitis but it doesn’t feel like anything too bad, so depending on how long I keep coughing for I might go to the doctor to get that checked out.

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The delayed update

Hey guys, welcome back to another blog here. It seems like every time that I go an write here I feel like little to nothing happened but I always have something on my mind and always want to share things through my eyes.

So I put some thought into it and I might be posting something different pretty soon. I want to take my experience on Don’t Starve and see if I could analyze how to find ideal areas to create bases and a decent break down on how to explore maps on the default settings. I really want to be thorough with this article so that people of all skill levels can take something useful along with them on the island.

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04/23 Update

( ^~^) Howdy folks, I am back with yet another update. I was planning on making an update last week on the 19th but I actually didn’t go on the PC for a good portion of the week.

Something I asked myself is why I use this image every week. It’s not like I am playing Hyper Light Drifter still, but this game reminds me that there is always a point to start and a place to get to. In a kinda casual yet deep way. I like it, and I am going to keep it that way for a nice while.

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Getting back on focus

I decided to come back to my site and write, because it does no good just ebing a dead space of stuff, right? I’m going to turn it into a personal blog for about the next month and then re-launch it with an altered theme. This time all of my stuff that I dealt with during the holidays and getting settled are done, and I set my work space up so I am ready to go.

Not too sure what to do to be honest. I’ve played a bit of games here and there, and it seems like more than anything I just enjoy the daily grind while listening to music. For some reason I feel a sense of joy playing a new game that catches my attention but then get a small amount of guilt or discomfort because I have to take a break and then come back to it and I tend not to want to come back after a nice pause. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I don’t feel like I can commit to a game too much for singularly enjoyment, but when I think about it that way it opens my eyes to the fact that I am just not enjoying games as much as I used to.

Perhaps it is because I gauge my productivity now. I don’t want to play something and feel like it is a waste.

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My experience with Path of Exile

After Hero Siege started to change and a lot of my guild members stopped playing we all somewhat just started playing different games but stuck around the group. For a small amount of time a few of us went to Dungeon Defenders 2 and it was pretty nice but also a temporary phase. I liked the game but it didn’t catch me too much. Since the environment was ever changing on the game and there was a pretty decent update I felt intimated by the changes, not knowing what it might hold.

So a few of the other guild members went on to play Path of Exile, saying it was like a free-to-play Diablo. And since it was free to play and an ARPG I decided to give it a shot.

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