Going back to record a new series

I spent a god-sent amount of time on this one civ game that I put a difficulty higher that before, and it actually was quite trickier than I thought originally. It’s just come down to a single enemy which is resilient with their massive army, but I am working my way through it.

And after playing for a while I thought spending this much time on a single game without recording it or doing anything with it felt like a waste. I learned a considerable amount for maybe my 8th or so play through the game, but I could use that time to teach and entertain.

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A change in pace

Having a blog has actually gave me a ton of ambition to do something with myself, never have I woke up every day with the drive to want to do something.

Ironically I haven’t actually done much with the blog. I have been spending a metric ton of time researching other blogs, reading on solid ways to form one and thinking about content to put out there. The importance of blogging about both something you love and something that you will have plenty to write about is a rather tricky thing. It actually took me a while to come up with an idea of an indie game blog with a focus on mundane games and helping people. Not just helping people with games though, but helping them with life.

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