Finding motivation

This weekend I was helping my father do some roofing throughout the day. It was a pretty busy day, with everyone around the house being productive to some extent. All I was really doing was moving a bunch of tools out of the way into an unfinished guest space we have outside but that was a certainly needed task.

At about seven in the afternoon I was pretty sleepy and even though I could’ve stayed up and made the day productive I thought it would be better to get the rest. And oddly enough I woke up at midnight, expecting to have slept through the whole night and wake up early in the morning but that didn’t workout for me. So I decided to stay up after I woke up and do Continue reading Finding motivation

The climb on Hero Siege

I’ve been really immersed in playing Hero Siege, continue to log onto it everyday like a mild addiction. I’ve been climbing the ladder with hopes and recently I reached the top 50 in solo wormholes, just bashing enemies and buttons. The competitive aspect is pretty group oriented with group wormholes but it certainly has a strong solo component to it.

Hero Siege 01

But my brother said something that I thought was fairly true. All the climbing was isĀ grinding, and he sees no satisfaction in that. And perhaps it isn’t a game that takes an extraordinary amount of skill, but it still is a fun game with a competitive component to it I think that it is pretty nice how I was able to meet a number of players and really have a sense of community while playing.

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Hero siege

I’ve been playing Hero siege for perhaps a bit more than a week and it really has turned into something that is more than just a nice game or hobby. I really have tried to get my wormhole level and hero level to a notable amount but with all the changes that have been going on these last few days it has been an experience that has been shifting to a pretty tricky one.

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