A Quick Q&A

So I started to wonder why not make a blog? And there were a lot of reasons to not make one, and a lot of reasons to do so as well but I felt that the hardships of making one were worth it. I just love to write and record video. I feel a passion to share the things I find amazing because the chances are that if I am interested in it someone else must be as well.

To be honest I feel like I recklessly jumped into it more than found that this would be the next step for me. And I am glad that I don’t regret just jumping in with such initiative and enthusiasm but I find that there is a bit of time that went by where I didn’t use it as efficiently as I would’ve liked to. Whichever way, the experience is something I won’t be forgetting. To take these first few steps puts a smile on my face, peace in my mind and hope in my heart.

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